Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rue St. Jacques.

Pretty much everyday so far I have had an epic struggle with Rue St. Jacques on the way back from the closest metro Cluny Sorbonne. This is no complaint, I love that street. Right now its my favorite street in Paris (the architecture, the student population, the little streets that have marvelous little shops and restaurants, and of course the beautiful men). I still have a lot to see clearly, but it is the road I travel on the most. Going up and down, I pass the same kids at the lycée Louis le Grand smoking in between classes everyday, I think we are starting to recognize each other. I timed my walk to and from the metro the other day, 7 minutes down the street. 15 minutes up. Doesn't seem like much, but somewhere on the length of the Sorbonne I feel like sitting down and taking a little breather most of the time. Today was the first day that I didn't even notice, fantastic. I reached the Pantheon and I was instantly realized I hadn't thought about it. So I guess that was my AH HA moment. Growing a pair of city legs.

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