Wednesday, January 13, 2010

why I like the rue Michelet...

often, I find myself on the rue Michelet, despite the fact that I take no classes there. it is, however, one of my favorite streets in paris for many a reason. these are a few of them:

1. the christmas tree graveyard-- in the corner of one of the jardins de l'observatoires is, piled about the same height as me, old christmas trees. their pine needles are practically across the street, and I'm always seeing people jumping in the pile. something beyond my comprehension, but whatever.

2. the hordes of angsty french youngsters. all sporting their shades of black and smoking in between classes.

3. the fact that, at night, you can see groups of teens sneak into the gardens and wreak havoc...

4. and finally, my favorite person in paris. the clapping lady as I have now just named her. there is a little old woman, who at night, goes around the entire gardens. but she doesn't do this in any old normal fashion, she does it backwards and all whilst clapping. she claps twice, takes two steps back, repeat. and not once does she look behind her. she is, in a word, my hero.

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