Tuesday, November 3, 2009

musings on the metro system

Yesterday, I saw a spray-painted metro train. The whole thing, spray painted, outside, inside. Whoever did it is my hero. It was on the 6 line. The colors were vibrant, neon. My camera had just ran out of batteries, and I cursed myself. I either felt happy or about to have an epilepsy attack. The mood inside that car was optimistic. Once I got off, however, the rain touched my face again.

Almost every time I get on the 9th, I lose at least 1 euro to an accordion player. They tug at my heartstrings when they play "La Cumparsita" or Piazzolla (which, you know, kuddos for achieving that).

I live far from everything. I must take the metro/rer everywhere. There is only one bus that goes by my house, which takes me to Odeon. The metro is a big part of my parisian life. I have a love/hate relationship with the metro. They should really start running lines over the night, at least on the weekends. The noctilien is really not recommendable. Strange faces live there.

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