Monday, August 31, 2009

First Night with My Host Family

Even though I was jet-lagged, overwhelmed, and completely exhausted, the first night that I spent with my host family was incredible. After dropping off my luggage at their apartment, we hopped back in their car and zipped through the streets of Paris to a secret location to "faire un pique-nique tres francais." Within a few minutes, I saw the tip of the Eiffel Tower peeking out from behind the skyline, and my host sister revealed that we would be eating on the lawn beneath la tour Eiffel. We munched on fromage, saucisson, and baguettes, and I had my first taste of Camembert (and hopefully my last... mais on verra!). I definitely felt like a tourist, "oooooo-ing" and "aaaah-ing" each time that the Eiffel Tower lit up, but I couldn't help it -- I've never been to Europe before, so everything that I've seen so far has been completley foreign to me and just breath-taking. Afterwards we drove to la rue Mouffetard to "prendre un verre." We didn't get back to the apartment until well after 1am, but I had long ago forgotten how tired I was... it was the most amazing introduction to Paris that I could possibly imagine. I feel so lucky to be here!

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